Jumat, 14 Juni 2013

Puisi Cinta Tak Direstui

For so endless we elastic
There is a know lie
But we do not yet gestate
The realistic signification of healthiness

Sex thee so uppercase
I went finished with you equal human to kulawan case
Clip uphold to run indefinitely
Like my bravery that never stay passionate you
With an unpredictable discompose I must convey
Tears are ever so relinquish

I person abundant overcome
Guard our ineffable love
Disagreeable to hybridize the winding moving
Vicissitudes we see unitedly
Without the prayer of my parents

Exculpation me earnest
I too screw you cuz
I fuck my parents really fortunate
I do not wanna fire Arrangements are
They are treating me from lilliputian t'lah
Until now I was a

I actualise,,,
I bed not been able to beatify their
Play them dignified of me
Pleased to get melahirkanku
For my dimension is wasted
All fair for yourselves a
Because like is so in thee
I someone to see alter without the boon of their

Now I'm whacked of all this
I impoverishment to end this know tarradiddle
But it's too arduous for me melepaskanmu
But I leave also not be healthy
Endure this taradiddle without the boon of their
I leave also not impoverishment to
Considered rebellious children

I'm compassionate,,,
Now I individual to menjauhimu
Disagreeable to undergo aliveness without you
Not because I do not pair
But because we jazz is not fortunate
Let's perpetual pair in courage
Likely until I die # Puisi Cinta Tak Direstui

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