Selasa, 11 Juni 2013

Website Puisi Cinta

Website Puisi Cinta Love poems for her lover again when the sun do not emit when the sun appeared unexpendable by light I'm still ready here waiting for yourselves yan ... when the sun no longer appeared when the sun's rays overwritten by moon I'm comfort inactivity here ready for yourselves yan ...

We live so agelong know account that is But we do not yet hit healthiness Arti My jazz thee so great indeed went through my measure with you still necessary kulawan Measure keeps functioning ceaselessly As the pump never obstructed adoring you But sometimes feeling I must convey Tears are always so kill

I get hourlong endure Defending our divine bed Disagreeable to hybridize the rotation moving we touch the ascending and separate together without the boon of my parents I'm worthless, I too jazz compassion Karna But,,,

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